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Trakbusters Professional Backing Tracks


        Direct Studio recordings made for the professional artiste, whether you are a singer or dance school, a drama group or a church choir, someone starting out or a seasoned professional, if you play an instrument or not, these tracks are designed for you. All ready to play in glorious MP3, no need for specialised equipment or computers. MP3 will play on your cell phone, Ipod, MP3 player or can be recorded directly to any media (CD - Mini Disc - Rom Disc - Dat) and play through your own equipment.

        Tailor made tracks to suit your very own needs, we will alter our tracks to cater for your very own specific requirements. Do you play an instrument (guitar, keyboard, violin, sax etc) we can take these instruments out of the track (Midi/Mp3 Only) so that you can play along live. (Just add your requirements when ordering).

        Need the tracks speeding up a little or slowing down, no problem at all. We will alter the tempo to suit your needs and last but not least, is the track too high or too low so that you can't reach those high notes or low notes, well fear not, we will transpose the track higher or lower depending on your vocal needs, without altering the tempo of the track like some home studio's do. (Just add your requirements when ordering).

         We are now working in conjunction with the  T.V.K. Studios of Denmark to produce quality backing tracks, from the 50's (and before) to the present day and all genre, at a price you all can afford.

         To make the songs even cheaper, we have introduced a membership system that lets you order songs free of any charges. Just click the Membership button at the top.

         Our latest tracks are being uploaded to the main listings daily, please check back regular to keep ahead of the rest, or click our Facebook link and LIKE our page for instant Notifications.


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