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Trakbusters Professional Backing Tracks

TVK are studio recordings aimed at the solo performer or duo acts

Mp3 are the recordings of our Midi tracks for the solo performer/band

Raw data files all ready to use or edit to suit your own needs

This is a professional Midi Sequencer for editing our Midi files for use on stage

Here we give you more insight to our products. All of which are of the highest quality and professionally produced.

The TVK Mp3 are stand alone ready to use backing tracks for the solo artiste or to rehears or hone your guitar/sax/keyboard skills.

The Midi Mp3 are to use for solo or duo/band with live instruments.

The Midi files are raw data files for budding musicians who want to dabble with music production and arrangements. They can also be altered on the fly.

And last but not least is a FREE sequencer to edit the Midi files.


3 different formats for different artiste.

And a Free Midi Sequencer.

TVK Mp3 Backing Tracks for the professional performer.


Studio Recordings


Midi Mp3


Raw Midi Data


Midi Sequencer