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Trakbusters Professional Backing Tracks

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We no longer create backing tracks to order. As to produce a one off is no longer viable.

However we will alter or amend tracks for you (key change or tempo change on all our tracks or alter our Midi Mp3’s to suit your needs (take out instruments or change instruments) to perform live.

All of our tracks are listed in alphabetical order by Artiste.


The Beatles = B

Phil Collins = P

911 = #

Our Tracks

Every effort has been made to reproduce all of our tracks to the highest quality and are arranged faithfully to the original recordings by the artiste/s, that the song is credited to.

Many of the TVK Mp3 tracks have backing vocals to compliment you in performing the song or able you to create the harmonies featured in the original sound track.

Our Midi Mp3 tracks are without vocals, and can be edited and lead instruments taken out so you can play along under live conditions.

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