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Trakbusters Professional Backing Tracks


These TVK Mp3 tracks are produced in main for the solo or duo performer, however there is nothing wrong in using these Mp3’s in a small boy/girl band but many do contain backing vocals and harmonies. These tracks can also be used to rehearse with, as a live performance or solo as a band performance.

The TVK studio’s are situated just on the outskirts of Aalborg Northan Denmark. All TVK Mp3 tracks are recorded and produced in the studio. Using session musicians and singers. These tracks are recorded live with state of the art equipment and recording software.

Then converted to Mp3 for every day use and will play on all devices with the Mp3 logo.

Backing Tracks

TVK backing tracks are standard Mp3 tracks and can be used as our Mp3 tracks. The difference with TVK tracks is that these are professional recordings using live instruments in a studio, most including backing vocals. Ideal for the solo performer that needs vocal backing. TVK Studios are situated in Denmark and the recordings are used all over the world and are our best seller. The only drawback with the TVK tracks is they can only be edited in a Mp3 or sound editor (tempo and/or Key), instruments cannot be removed.